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Azumi Sakata


It is an inseparable part of life. 

Death, old age, sickness, prejudice, and love are also "suffering ". 

I continue to search for what is beyond "suffering". 

I also want to bring the technique of embroidery into contemporary art.

I think that in the past, many women had few creative outlets other than embroidery or cooking. I think that the repetitive stitching motion of embroidery was therapeutic, and the choice of colours and techniques allowed them to express themselves. Like these women, I want to use embroidery to strengthen my own heart. 

I hope you can see what lies beyond "suffering" through my art.


Born in Kanagawa

1994 Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan, BFA
1997 Royal college of Art, London, England, MFA

1994 武蔵野美術大学造形学部油絵学科卒


Solo exhibitions

  • 2022 "Aftermath"  Gallery Sanshitu,  Tokyo

  • 2021  "Emergence"  Wasabi-Elishi,   Tokyo

  • 2020  "Accept"  Gallery Sanshitu,  Tokyo

  • 2018  “Beyond the Suffering”  Gallery Sanshitu,  Tokyo

  • 2018  “Chaos and Order”  Gallery Hasu no hana,  Tokyo

  • 2015 “Storage of Memory”  Gallery Sanshitu,  Tokyo

  • 2014  “Feel to Feel”  Arts&Crafts Gallery Hinata do,  Tokyo

  • 2013  “Sleep well”  Gallery Sanshitu,   Tokyo

  • 2012  "I'm not afraid”  Bambinart Gallery,  Tokyo

  • 2007  "Expecting"  Tete Dining Gallery,  Tokyo

  • 2004  “Happiness"  Media Centre   Brighton, England

Group exhibitions

  • 2023 玄趣23 レントゲン藝術研究所準備室 深大寺 玄趣庵

  • 2023 遺伝的美意識—Inherited Esthetics— 日本橋三越コンテンポラリーギャラリー

  • 2021~2福岡、金沢、名古屋、神戸アートフェア 3ta2_galleryから出展

  • 2020  "ブレイク前夜展" Daikanyama, Tokyo

  • 2013  "Recto emotion ~刺繍表現に見る今日の作家たち~”日本橋高島屋6F美術画廊 Nihonbashi, Tokyo

  • 2011  "あめつちのはじめ”       Bambinart Gallery,  Tokyo

  • 2009  "Nobuhiko Suzuki, Hirohiko Tsuruta, Azumi Sakata"  SAVOIR VIVRE,  Tokyo

  • 2008  "100year of approach between Japan and Brazil"  Fundacao Memorial,  Sao Paulo

  • 2004  "Happiness" Infinity Foods Cafe,   Brighton England

  • 2001  "Happy umbrella 2001” Guardian Garden, Tokyo

  • 1998  "Watch 2001" Guardian Garden,  Tokyo

  • 1998 "3.3・ Graphic Art Show" Guardian Garden, Tokyo

  • 1997  "The Parcos Restaurant Award-3rd prize” Parcos Restaurant, London

  • 1997 "Fine and Applied Show"  Royal College of Art,  London

  • 1997 "The Large Edition”  Malvern Library Gallery,  London

  • 1996  "The Spirit of Staircase” Victoria & Albert Museum,  London

  • 1996   "Work in Progress"  Royal College of Art,  London

  • 1995  "Liquitex Biennale”  Spiral, Tokyo


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